image projector – a unique lightbox

A plugin for sites powered by that provides a viewer and image slider for images and galleries in published posts or pages and also offer cross-post image collections. Convenient for those who runs websites where the main focus is to present photos or other images.

No modification or extra markup or coding ┬áis required – plug and play.

What makes this different from other viewers, there are a bunch of them out there?

In addition to offering standard lightbox functionality and a full-window slider for images and galleries, this plugin can also show the first image from each post in the image slider and then offer the option to navigate to the post from the image being viewed.

For a live example of this functionality, please check out

The content of the slider is defined based on the context of the page being viewed, for intance an archive page that contain the result of a tag query. This will reduce the need for various gallery plugins – that always require som extra effort to set up and maintain.

For more information, download and support please visit the plugin page at