Enhanced string translation in Translations to control both menu string and tooltip string.
Adjustments to the button visibility settings in Control page.

Added settings section Translations for translating or otherwise modifying strings that appear in the front-end menu and tooltips.

Fixed image size issue on Firefox causing width and height not to correspond to actual image.

Fixed icon display issue revealed on Firefox browser.

Glitch introduced in 5.5 related to swipe velocity fixed.

Added option in Features to control if Download command shall be available.
Availability can be limited to logged-in users. In case it is activated, Download command will be added to the menu. It will only be available for images located at the same domain as the page being viewed.
Added option in Controls to hide ‘X’ and zoom button on touch devices to simplify interface. Close and zoom can be controlled by commonly known touch gestures like swipe up/down or tap background to close, pinch in or double-tap to activate zooming.
Minor general improvements.
Tested for WordPress 6.4.

Zoom – click on displayed zoom factor to show image in 1:1.
Image counter – added more options to control display of the counter.
Fixed error setting zoom center when pinching in view style 1.

Late css loading revealed issues on certain themes. Moved css loading back to header.
Added option in Features to show image counter. Default off.
Now showing current image scale together with current zoom factor when zoom is active.

Improvements to the full image and thumb image collection process.

Removed use of file_get_contents that was used to load icon definition into page. Some servers may not be set up to allow this, resulting in no icons shown. Icon href now links to icon in svg sprite file included in the plugin.
Fixed glitch that could cause a low resolution version of the image to be selected for viewing.

Added option in Timings to set time before fading out control buttons when no user actiity.
Minor general improvements.
Tested for WordPress 6.2.

Added option in Appearance to set the z-index of the viewer background. Set this to a higher value than the highest z-index applied to other elements to prevent viewer being obscured fully or partly.
Added option in Timings to prevent device from dimming screen and going to sleep when running slide show. May not be supported in all browsers.
Minor adjustments to pinch zoom.

Handling of IMG elements with missing ‘src’ attribute.

Added plugin version number to scripts to prevent use of outdated scripts after new version of plugin installed.

Confirmed support for AVIF image format when browser supports it.
Added option to not show the go-to-post button that will navigate to the post when clicked. This will prevent navigating to post from the image and is applicable only when “Collect post images” is checked.

Fixed occasional prevention of panning at max zoom.
Tested for WordPress 6.0.

Added option to specify any image wrappers inside swipers/sliders that shall be excluded from the image collection. These may represent hidden, duplicate images included only for technical reasons.

Introduced check of duplicate images in galleries and slideshows. Duplicates will now be ignored.
Prefixed class names for image orientation to avoid conflict with WP native gallery.
Reset full screen view (if applied from plugin) when closing viewer.
Added option to set max zoom factor.
Added option to control whether buttons shall fade out after a period of inactivity.
Added option to control display of menu button.
Removed the Ruler feature as it was assumed not much in use.

Added option in Features to turn off one-image-per-post assumption. Default off.
Added option in Controls to show full screen toggle. Using this rather than F11 will hide any scrollbars.
Improved detection of groups of images that defines the content of slider and thumbstrip.
Minor adjustments and rearrangement of the plugin admin settings tabs.

Improved support for image captions.

Fixed minor display issue with the ‘Go to post’ button.

Added option ‘Keep actual image size’ in admin panel to prevent enlarging image beyond its actual pixel size. Zooming still available. When not checked, image will be enlarged to fit window.
Added option to specify maximum size of square for view style 1. Useful when you do not want to enlarge images beyond its actual pixel size.
Added option in admin panel to control display of play/pause button.

Added support for up/down swipe to exit viewer.
Added option in admin panel/timings to set sliding time for autoplay.
Eliminated annoying delay between end of panning/swiping and start of image sliding.
Confirmed support for WebP image format.

Introduced support for horizontally flipping image. Can be flipped by key ‘F’, a floating button or from menu. The visibility of the floating button can be controlled from plugin settings page.
Introduced option to view image in grayscale. Controlled by key ‘G’ or from menu. Support for this can be turned off from plugin settings page.

Added option to set colour of control buttons.
Added option to show buttons for changing view style and background colour without having to access the menu.
Tested for WordPress 5.8.

Added option in plugin settings to choose bright or dark initial background style.
Rearranged plugin admin pages.
Minor modifications.
Tested for WordPress 5.7.

Tested for WordPress 5.6.

Fixed glitch in last version related to retrieving image sizes when omitted from image element

Fixed error related to images on remote servers.
Thumb generation based on srcset of image if present.

Improved handling of SSL and Mixed Content in image references.
Switched to SVG icons instead of icon font.
Tested for WordPress 5.5.